World's Rarest Cat Breeds

Some cats stand out because their appearance isn’t what we’re used to seeing when we think of cats. They may have weird ears, webbed toes or out-of-the-ordinary markings.  

A cat breed can be considered strange or even weird, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t beautiful in their own way. It’s their imperfections and unusual characteristics that make them special.  

You can’t miss their large walnut-shaped ears, which curve or curl backward in a 90-degree smooth arc. While their ears may be their most noticeable characteristic 


These cats keep in touch with their inner-kitten throughout their lives and are always ready to play. American curl cats are difficult to resist with their super-cute looks and charming personality. 

A Bambino cat is what you get when you cross a Sphynx and Munchkin cat. They’re hairless, have a super skinny tail and have a wise expression on their face. 

In addition, Cornish Rex cats sport an extraordinary coat with strong wavy patterns. Their looks aren’t the only things they’ve got going for them, either. 

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