Winter Weight Loss Exercise Tips

Insulate your body

If you're not dressed properly, morning and evening cold might be dangerous. 

Layer up to stay warm, then remove layers as your body temperature rises throughout exercise.


Cotton retains moisture, reducing body temperature in cold conditions. Wear layers and moisture-wicking textiles to avoid sweating.

Keep hydrated

In winter, you may not notice your thirst as much as in summer. In winter, drinking enough water is crucial. 

Choose water over sugary sports drinks unless you're doing harsh winter activities or working out for more than 90 minutes

Know when to stop

Learn about hypothermia symptoms like shivering, weak pulse, nausea, slurred speech, drowsiness, and confusion.

Move your workout

Indoor workouts are available if cold-weather workouts don't interest you. Join an indoor leisure sports team or gym. 

If you're self-motivated, create a home weight loss program using body weight workouts and minimum equipment.

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