Why People Are Blending Their Coffee with Butter

We understand your confusion! Butter is now the liquid gold slim and trim swear by for weight loss, despite years of health advice to the contrary.

We asked two health experts about bulletproof coffee, also known as butter coffee, which is having a serious (if contentious) moment.

In Tibet, yak butter tea adds solidity, flavor, and calories to keep warm in difficult climes. 

But you're probably not ascending a huge mountain or living in a severe environment, so why bother?

The blended morning drink is believed to curb hunger, cravings, blood sugar, and belly fat. 

One dietitian we spoke to about this movement advised that it's a lot of butter, but it's also promising.

"Grass-fed butter is much higher in conjugated linoleic acid or CLAs than regular butter." "CLA reduces body and abdominal fat."

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