Which nail shapes break most often?

Both square and coffin nails are trendy nail shapes. Square nails can be worn short or long. While they are straightforward and classic, coffin nails are the opposite 

nail expert and Olive & June founder Sarah Gibson Tuttle shared her advice with Makeup. "If you break a nail, it's best to smooth any jagged edges as soon as possible to prevent further breakage 

Short and round nails will better suit your needs if you want to avoid dealing with broken nails or if you have weak nails. Sarah Gibson Tuttle told Makeup why this is so 


They are high-maintenance, bold, and edgy. Moreover, coffin nails, which are long and tapered, have recently exploded on social media thanks to reality superstar Kylie Jenner  

If the break extends to the nail bed, it might be time to see a doctor as this can lead to an infection." Gibson Tuttle also notes that If the break isn't too severe 

Tips to strengthen nails include using gloves to wash dishes and temporarily avoiding nail polish, gel, or acrylics. Dermatologist Dana Stern explained  

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