Wealthiest Cities in America

Las Vegas saw 55% growth in its number of millionaires from 2012 to 2022, the report found. Chances are they didn’t get there by gambling. 

Austin more than doubled its number of millionaires during the decade ending in 2022. Aside from Hangzhou, China, that’s the fastest growth rate in the world. 

Miami’s long been known as a wealthy hotspot. It is home to the exclusive Fisher Island Club, which can be reached only by private yacht or ferry. 


Boston has seen a 50% increase in its number of millionaires. Maybe that’s fitting for the capital city of Massachusetts, which continues to call itself a “commonwealth. 

It’s no surprise the home of Amazon and Microsoft is full of wealthy people. The 68% growth rate in millionaires over the past decade exactly keeps pace with another area ranked even higher on this list.

Prior to the pandemic, we noted Houston was among “10 Cities With the Biggest Percentages of American Wealth,” and that clearly hasn’t changed. 

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