Top 4 Signs Your Crush Likes You

Communication and Engagement

Frequency of Connection Increased communication and interaction are strong signals that your crush likes you. 

They may talk to you, respond to your messages, and want to know you more.

Body Language and Cues

Nonverbal Expressions Watch your crush's body language and physical hints when you're together.

Lean in closer, make lengthy eye contact, gently touch or brush your arm, or have open and inviting body postures.

Keeping Small Details

Attention and Care When someone appreciates you, they pay attention to your details. 

Your crush is listening and interested in your life if they remember your favorite movie, activity, or forthcoming events. 

Starting Plans and Quality Time

Making Trys Your crush will likely try to spend time with you if they like you.

They may offer events, outings, and prioritize your company. 

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