How to Lose Weight While Eating At McDonald's

Avoid fried foods

Unfortunately, fries are to be avoided. Burger patties have less fat and calories than chicken nuggets or fried fish. When available, grill chicken for lean protein.

Limit sauces.

Fast food sauces are usually high in sugar and fat and provide empty calories. Add flavor to your sandwich with mustard or low-sugar condiments from home.

Skip some bread.

Order a grilled chicken sandwich or burger open-faced and forgo the top bread. This saves calories and grams of carbs that won't fill you up.

Choose sugar-free drinks.

Avoid liquid calories that can add hundreds to your meal by drinking water, soda water, diet soda, or unsweetened tea.

Add veggies or fruits.

McDonald's lacks good fruit and veggie sides, while other fast food establishments do. 

A tiny fruit cup or side salad can fill you up between meals with fiber and volume for a few calories. 

Add homegrown veggies to your fast food if your establishment doesn't provide good sides.

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