Things to Do to Stay Busy at Work When Bore

You can walk outdoors if the area is safe. Otherwise, you can walk around the office. Remember to be considerate of others that are working. 

At my last office job, there were many Slack channels. The primary purpose was team communication, announcements, and requesting help or advice. 

When you are bored, someone else on your team may be overworked. Ask your coworkers or boss if there is work you could help with.


If your workplace has an employee appreciation program, you’ll want to write your thank-you messages through the program. There may be an online portal.

If you don’t have any work, you could list the work you would like to do. Then, you could ask your boss for opportunities to do that type of work.

I did the same type of work for many years. However, it no longer felt challenging or rewarding—some tasks’ repetitive nature made for some very dull days. Eventually, I decided to work for myself as a self-employed writer.

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