The 10 Best Functional Core Exercises to Sculpt Your Waist


Welcome to our guide on functional core exercises that are tailored to sculpt your waist and enhance your overall fitness.

Plank Variations

Engage your core with various plank exercises like standard plank, side plank, and forearm plank.

Russian Twists

Target your obliques and core muscles with the twisting motion of Russian twists.

Bicycle Crunches

Get your heart rate up and work on your core simultaneously with bicycle crunches.

Mountain Climbers

Elevate your heart rate and engage your core muscles with dynamic mountain climber movements.

Dead Bug

Practice stability and coordination by performing the dead bug exercise for your core.


Mimic the motion of chopping wood to engage your core and work on your rotational strength.

Hanging Leg Raises

Challenge your lower abs with hanging leg raises, an effective exercise using a pull-up bar.

Swiss Ball Rollouts

Utilize a Swiss ball to enhance your core stability and strength through controlled rollouts.

Turkish Get-Ups

Improve your full-body coordination while strengthening your core with Turkish get-ups.

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