6 Surprising ways to get more Energy

Eat for energy

Low-glycemic index meals, whose sugars are slowly digested, may help you avoid the energy lag caused by quickly absorbed sweets or refined carbs.

Whole grains, high-fiber veggies, nuts, and olive oil are low-glycemic.

Use caffeine to your advantage

Coffee boosts attentiveness, so it can sharpen your thinking. However, caffeine must be used wisely to be invigorating.

It can induce sleeplessness, especially after 2 p.m. or in excessive dosages.

Limit alcohol

One of the greatest ways to avoid the midafternoon slump is to avoid alcohol during lunch. 

Limit alcohol

Alcohol is most sedative at noon. Avoid a five-o'clock drink for evening energy. Drink moderately when you don't mind losing energy.

Drink water

What's the only vitamin that improves endurance performance except for the hardest?

Drink water

It's no expensive sports drink. It's water. The first indicator of fluid deficiency is weariness.

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