Shape of Your Nails tell Your Personality

Long, vertical nails

You're romantic! You are passionate and emotional, so you are not always sensible. This makes you irritable and moody. 

Your imagination and creativity are strengths, fortunately. You are also social and can make friends easily. People influence you a lot, which is bad.

Wide and short nails

You are honest and direct. Theorists like you think a lot. Unfortunately, your interactions with others are not tactful, which can be uncomfortable.

Everyone knows they'll get honest advise from your clear-headedness and knowledge. 

Round egg-shaped nails

Logical decision-making is your top priority. Logical decision-making means you are stable and rarely swayed by emotions or surroundings.

Short, square nails

Your leadership is fantastic! You are brave and enduring, yet you also want to show your fun to others. 

You may have a hard shell, so it takes time to get to know you and gain your trust, but once you do, you keep your friends and family near.

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