One Supplement That Experts Say Is Practically Useless

Vitamin C

Vitamin C, especially for immunity, is often stressed. Nanavati notes that Vitamin C demand has increased since the outbreak for this reason. 

Getting enough Vitamin C in your diet is vital for your health, but taking a supplement may not be required or useful.

“You don't require mega doses of it.” "Nor does it really prevent common cold as per findings."

Because Vitamin C is water-soluble, it may not benefit you as much as you believe. “Being water-soluble, excess Vitamin C gets secreted through urine,” 

Most Vitamin C pills are synthetic, making them “a lot different from the natural vitamin C compounds.” 

Instead of taking a pill, consume vitamin C-rich foods to obtain all its immune-boosting advantages. 

This applies to most supplements as well; the best method to receive all the nutrients you need is through your food, especially Vitamin C.

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