Most Quiet Dog Breeds

The Japanese Chin has been described as “cat-like.” While they are cautious and observant, they will not bark much. This mild-mannered pup loves silence and cherishes yours, 

bulldogs are a brachycephalic (or short-headed) breed, you may not think of them as a quiet dog. To be fair, they do make their share of noises  

Although the Irish Setter was bred for the hunt, it is less vocal than other dogs in its group. This pleasant family companion is happy to go along with just about any family activity.  


pugs make a lot of little noises — they “snarf,” snore and breath heavily, but they are not big barkers. You will hear a pug bark, but unlike other breeds, this is not a frequent occurrence. 

This friendly breed packs a lot in a little, which is why it’s often described as multum in parvo — it has a big dog attitude in a small body.

This dog is a happy, amiable breed, but like most other working dogs, it needs plenty of exercise and mental stimulation. 

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