Most Protective Zodiac Sign

Aries are warriors at heart. And while they won't say no to a fight, they also readily take on the role of guardian or caretaker. It's these things that easily make them the most protective zodiac sign.

As the most nurturing zodiac sign, Cancer is loyal (almost to a fault) and will do just about anything to keep others safe. They're sensitive water signs, but they'll stand up for their loved ones without question. 

As a passionate fire sign, Leos are fiercely protective. "They have a huge roar and would definitely let you have it if you put anything or anyone that is dear to them in danger 


No one values stability and security quite like a Taurus, which is why these earth signs hate leaving their comfort zone. It's also why they're so loyal and such a calming presence 

Besides being dedicated worker bees, Capricorns value family above anything else. They aren't aggressive, but they'll cut you down with words if you get in the way of their success  

Messing with a brooding and intense Scorpio is in no one's best interest. Once they care about someone, they will go to the ends of the earth to make sure they're protected at all costs. 

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