How to Lose Belly Fat For Good After 50

Get your fill of fiber-rich foods.

Slowing digestion makes us feel filled longer, reducing the impulse to eat again right away. Fiber aids intestinal health, stool regularity, and blood sugar management."

Fill up on protein.

Not forgetting protein! As with fiber, eating more protein is smart. "Older adults need more protein," 

Strength train.

After 30, you can lose 3–5% of your lean muscle mass per decade.

Consume less carbs.

Although carbs are healthful after 50, you store them easily than in your youth.

Try intermittent fasting.

Depending on their cycles, women start with 12 to 14 hours and attempt to eat sooner and cease eating earlier. 

Stay hydrated.

Another expert-recommended method for losing belly fat after 50 is drinking plenty of water. “As we age we lose our thirst mechanism and walk around dehydrated,”

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