How to build a balanced girl dinner

Protein, fiber, carb, and volume are essential.

"To feel full, your girl dinner requires protein, fiber, carbs, and volume. It needs all the ingredients of a dinner, not just crackers and grapes.

Focus on fiber-rich sources of carbs

A balanced meal needs carbohydrates, and high-fiber ones can boost your energy. Crackers, yogurt, and fruit work well here.

Prioritize protein

Even for a low-stress supper, protein is essential to feeling full. Just add cheese, nuts, and deli meat to complete your platter.

Add veggies and fruits

Adding fruits and veggies to your girl dinner boosts volume, nutrients, and fiber for satiety.

Mix and match

Mix a variety of protein- and fiber-rich foods with some tasty ones. Galati adds that everything on your dish should be prepared in three minutes. 

"Mix-and-match girl dinner might include cheese, edamame with chili oil, baby carrots, cherry tomatoes, your favorite chips, and chocolate peanut butter cups."

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