Most Affordable Places for Homebuyer

It’s a mixed bag in Palm Bay. While housing prices have been predicted to decline, an earlier study from Inspection Support Network found that the city has some of the highest HOA fees in the country.  

Springfield is the capital of Illinois, a state known as the Land of Lincoln. Centrally located in the state, this community has an important place in U.S. history 

Yuma is another sunny spot to consider for affordable living. In fact, the city boasts of 310 days of sunshine each year and plenty of outdoor, cultural and historical sites to keep you busy.


Michigan is well-represented on this list, starting with the city of Warren. Located in the Detroit metro area, this suburb is “the city that cares 

It also has plenty of museums, art, music venues and dining opportunities. Plus, it can lay claim to Ohio’s only national park: Cuyahoga Valley National Park. 

Forget the images of burnt-out buildings and vacant lots. There is more to Detroit than the stereotypes. In “the D” — as it is sometimes called — you’ll find everything from beautiful parks 

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