Healthy Taco Bell breakfast orders for weight loss

Cheesy Toasted Breakfast Burrito Bacon

Cheesy Toasted Breakfast Burrito Bacon has 350 calories and 13 grams of protein. 

Protein increases meal satisfaction, therefore eating more of it controls hunger. Cut the bacon to lower fat in this meal. 

This cuts 60 calories, largely fat. For more fiber and excellent carbs, add tomatoes to your burrito and serve with home-grown fruit.

Breakfast Quesadilla Steak

This Breakfast Quesadilla Steak has over 500 calories, which may be too much for some. Take half a quesadilla to lose weight with this meal.

 This makes your meal 250 calories, and you may add a serving of homemade fruit for quality calories and fiber.

This leaves you with half your meal for lunch, which you may have with veggies and hummus for balance.

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