Best Stress-Relieving Foods You Can Eat

These have been shown to improve mood, and you can find them in other fatty fish, as well as plant sources like nuts, seeds, and soy products.  

fiber is a massive driver of good bacteria in the gut, and most Americans get way too little of it. The best way to get more fiber is to eat foods that are grown from the ground.  

Speaking of stress-busting fruits, oranges are rich in vitamin C—one orange contains 70 milligrams of the vitamin, filling almost your entire day's needs.  


All of these ingredients also provide a tryptophan-heavy punch, which, again, is essential to making serotonin: a key good-mood enabler.

Chamomile is one of the most commonly used and best-known medicinal plants in the world. In fact, we sip more than one million cups each day, 

The darker the chocolate, the less added sugar it contains—an ingredient that, sadly, has been found to impact mood and stress regulation more negatively than you might have thought. 

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