Endurance Training for Longer, Faster Runs

You can definitely build up your endurance with long, slow runs. This method will get your metabolism ready for nonstop physical activity while sculpting muscle. 

Research shows that brief but vigorous sprinting can boost your VO2 max, which typically translates to better overall physical fitness. Brown stresses the importance of sprinting if you want to build endurance 

Training on hills can be quite the challenge, but once you master them, you'll feel so accomplished. And the only way to get better at them is to train by running up them!


When going through the circuit, incorporate light to moderate weights that challenge you but you're able to successfully work with. 

These strategies can be as simple as eating clean, consuming the right number of calories, getting enough protein, staying hydrated, and getting plenty of sleep 

In addition to working on your cardio, strength training should absolutely be part of the equation. Brown recommends dedicating one to three days each week to strength exercises. 

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