Each Zodiac Sign Deals With A Breakup

No one shoots fireballs out of their eyes quite like an Aries during a breakup. They’ll get upset and boldly explain why they aren’t in the wrong 

After a breakup, the only thing Taurus wants to do is turn inward, sit on the couch, and hold their dog while watching reruns of their fave comfort show.  

A Taurus will go dark on social media, block the phone numbers of everyone related to the situation, and they’ll never speak of or to their ex again.  


As an air sign, Gemini will text their ex for weeks after a breakup, says Garbis. They need to get all of their questions answered in order to process what happened, 

As a water sign, Cancer is very chill — until you cross them. After a breakup, they’ll have an array of emotional outbursts, says Garbis, and they won’t care who’s watching. 

Break up with a Leo and they will laugh in your face. “They’ll be angry and offended, but then they’ll bag on you,” 

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