Burgundy Nail Ideas for Autumn Energy

Glossy manicures may be the most common, but a shiny sheen isn't required for a gorgeous nail look. Case in point 

With all the talk of aliens lately, we can't help but swoon over these celestial burgundy nails. Complete with watercolor splotches and gemstone accents,  

If you have any fall parties on the horizon, consider a gold chevron moment. The glittery accent instantly ups the festive factor.


Let your rich burgundy polish do most of the talking by opting for a near-solid nail look with just a peek of gold at the cuticles.

Thinly-striped nails are a fun, retro way to embrace a burgundy-enriched nail palette. Plus, the subtle shimmer? We're so here for it.

Of course, don't feel like you have to go all out with nail art. Burgundy is a rich shade that makes a bold statement all on its own.

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