Best Strength Training for Each Zodiac Sign

A sweaty boxing workout, complete with challenging punch combinations and push-up drills, speaks directly to who you are as a person, Aries.  

“Good, old-fashioned weight lifting with a trainer would be great for a Taurus,” Hardy says. As a fixed earth sign, you’re always on the lookout for solid, rewarding routines  

Gemini is all about variety when it comes to strength training. “They are a mutable air sign, which means they have the temperament of a juggler 


As a cardinal water sign, you’re driven by your emotional needs more than anything else, Cancer, so it makes sense to look for strength training routines that give you one-on-one attention 

Leos are fixed fire signs, which means you have bravery and courage to spare, says Hardy. You’d be happiest building muscle doing something that takes guts 

Virgo, you’re so holistically minded and contemplative that it only makes sense to strength train with yoga or Pilates. “Virgos are the sign of the mind-body connection and tend to need to focus on their center 

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