Best Dog Breeds for Runners

The strong, smart, independent Rhodesian ridgeback needs plenty of exercise and has lots of energy to burn, making them a great companion for long runs.  

The Weimaraner, a.k.a. the “grey ghost,” is highly energetic and loves to exercise (and play) for extended periods, which bodes well for owners who favor long, steady runs 

Running is excellent for humans. Aside from being one of the best cardiovascular exercises, it helps maintain a healthy weight, improves muscle tone, builds stamina  


Most dogs love to run, but some more than others, and certain breeds are more naturally suited to the activity (or were even bred for it). 

Puppies shouldn’t run long distances, for instance, because their bones and muscles aren’t fully developed, which makes their joints susceptible to injury. 

The greyhound is the breed most often associated with running, due to its race-track credentials. “From the narrow, aerodynamic skull to the shock-absorbing pads of the feet, greyhounds are perfectly constructed for high-speed pursuit 

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