best cats for apartment

The American Shorthair is a medium sized cat that doesn’t need too much room as long as you are by their side. This affectionate cat likes to be around people so while they’ll be happy in an apartment, 

They’re intelligent cats so it’s important to make sure they have interactive toys. They won’t shed a lot or make too much noise as they’re calm and softly spoken 

While the British Shorthair also likes lazing around, this breed is not a lap cat.  They will however sit by your side affectionately waiting to be stroked.  


The Burmese is another breed that craves the constant companionship of its humans. This friendly and social cat gets along with everyone including kids and dogs. 

Known as the lazy man’s Persian, the Exotic Shorthair is similar to the Persian, but without as much fur and shedding. This breed is quiet and calm so it is well-suited for life in an apartment as it won’t disturb the neighbours 

Sometimes referred to as ‘furniture with fur’, this is one breed that you won’t have to worry about having in an apartment as they often sleep for most of the day so they don’t need lots of space. 

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