3 Worst Breakfasts for weight loss

Sausage Biscuit

400 kcal 22 g fat (12 saturated, 3 trans). 1,100 mg sodium

The traditional biscuit recipe: flour, fat, buttermilk. How this fatty, sausage-stuffed breakfast sandwich delivers a punch is obvious.

Biscuits are a major trans fat carrier, making it crucial to avoid this morning bomb.

French Toast with Margarine and Syrup

450 kcal 18g fat (5g saturated) 67 g carbs

French toast is only slightly nutritious because the bread is battered in an egg, but melting margarine and sweet syrup cancel it out.

Bagel with Jelly

390 kcal 12 g fat (1 g saturated) Sodium 385 mg

Bagels look innocent, but each bite contains refined carbs. When quick-burning carbs flood the bloodstream,

blood sugars rise swiftly and the body panics and stores fat. Jelly is worse since most school cafeteria jellies have more sugar than fruit.

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