Almondetto Nail Ideas to Fanatize

To keep the design from feeling too summery, apply a matte top coat to the base shade and keep the swirls glossy. Trust, the contrast will turn more than a few heads. 

As one of the OG nail designs, the French Manicure has seen many iterations. But unlike the micro French or the half-moon style, this heart-adorned option is a unique way to beautify the classic. 

this unique ombré style pop-up on your FYP. If you have, it’s also likely to have been paired with extra-long almondetto nails as it makes the design even more appealing 


use a nude base and a shiny black polish on one half. Then, apply the contrasting white shade only on the tips. 

The extended length of the almondetto shape gives a pinky nude a luxe look that sits somewhere between bold and natural. 

Despite being seasonally tied to spring, there’s never a bad time for a floral manicure. But if you're still on the fence, this blooming design is sure to change your mind. 

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