7 Foods That Ward Off Winter Illnesses

Carrots for Vitamin A

Vitamin A regulates T cells, immune system soldiers.

Vitamin D Salmon

This fatty fish is rich in vitamin D, which helps athletes avoid winter upper respiratory infections.

Mushrooms for a Jumpstart

These fungi can boost your immune system to fight sickness. Serve mushrooms with your favorite meal, in a salad, or in soup or sauce.

Strawberries for Stress Reduction

It is well known that persistent stress impairs the immune system.

Cereal for Zinc

Zinc regulates the immune system's response to outside influences, which is helpful when viruses attack but can be harmful.

Squash and Pumpkin Seeds for Zinc

In time for fall harvest! Squash and pumpkin seeds are zinc-rich, thus they boost immunity. 

Yogurt for Probiotics

Yogurt boosts immunity with zinc.

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