4 Surprising Benefits of Celery Seeds

Rich in Important Nutrients

Celery seeds offer many nutrients despite their modest size. They provide calcium, manganese, and iron, for instance.

Support Bone Health

To stay healthy and strong, your bones need several vitamins and minerals. Many of these nutrients are in celery seeds.

Calcium is a well-known bone mineral. One tablespoon (6.5 grams) of seeds provides 12% of this mineral's RDI.

Promote Red Blood Cell Formation

Iron is needed to make red blood cells. Red blood cells transport oxygen from your lungs to other organs (14Trusted Source).

Celery seeds provide iron for males and women. One tablespoon (6.5 grams) of celery seeds provides 17% and 38% of the RDIs for women and men.

May Improve Blood Sugar Levels

Magnesium improves blood sugar and other functions.

Maintaining good blood sugar levels reduces type 2 diabetes and heart disease risk.

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