5 Light Weight Training Exercises for Weight Loss

Single-Leg RDL

We can have twice the fun with unilateral work! Stability exercises are full-body and require your core to fire up."


Lower-body complex exercises—need I say more? The triple crown of big muscular groups—glutes, quads, and hamstrings—work together.

Half Kneeling ALT Overhead Presses

"Not all lean machine exercises are lower-body."Half kneeling in this alternating overhead press stabilizes the lower body and pelvis.

Racked Offset Squats

"Stability elements added to the main lift make the exercises feel new and exciting, and by decreasing the load, we can add volume with intensity,"


Finally, the suitcase deadlift is the ideal low weight training exercise for weight loss. 

 This compound activity engages more glutes than the racked offset squat, which engages more quadriceps."

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