4 Worst Lunches for Weight Loss

Turkey Wrap

375 kcal 14g fat (5g saturated) 575 mg sodium

Lunch ladies add oily dressing (typically ranch or Italian), processed cheese, and token lettuce shreds to the awful tortilla to make wraps.

French Bread Cheese Pizza

440 kcal 19g fat (8g saturated) Sodium 930 mg

The thick, doughy crust employed in most school cafeterias adds carbs, sodium, and structure for a haphazard cheese application, tripling the calories.

Crispy Chicken Sandwich

400 kcal 19g fat (7g saturated) Sodium 735 mg

If they're going to bread, deep-fry, and mayo an innocent chicken breast, your youngster may as well get a hamburger.

French Fries

310 kcal 18 g fat (7 g saturated) Sodium 400 mg

The boiling oil where French fries absorb much of their saturated fat is unlikely to save them. They usually have as many calories as the main course.

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