4 Teas Better Than Therapy

The Sleep Booster


DRINK THIS: Yogi Tea Herbal Tea Supplement, Bedtime BECAUSE IT: Brings on deeper sleep

Research now confirms what tea drinkers have long believed about the moderate calming properties of the herb valerian.

The Insomnia Slayer

LEMON-BALMS TEA DRINK THIS: Organic Lemon Balm Traditional Medicines PURPOSE: Decreases sleep disorders

 lemon balm is a natural sedative. Researchers also found that when patients used lemon balm instead of a placebo, they experienced fewer sleep difficulties.

Stress-Hormone Squasher

Rooibos Tea DRINKS: Teavana, Celestial Seasonings PURPOSE: Lowers cortisol levels

The special lavanoid known as Aspalathin in rooibos tea is what makes it so effective for calming the mind.

The Anxiety Stopper

PASSIONFLOWER TEA Yogi Tea Herbal Tea Supplement, Before Bed Because it: Makes you drowsy and helps with anxiety

The flavone chrysin found in passionflower has amazing anti-anxiety properties and can function somewhat similarly to the drug Xanax.

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