4 Effective Eating Habits to Loss 10 Pounds in One Month

Eat lots of veggies.

"Its fiber content keeps you full and regulates appetite to prevent overeating. 

Vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants in vegetables help the body meet its nutritional needs while on a calorie deficit."

Establish a calorie deficit.

Maintaining a calorie deficit will help you lose weight since your body will use fat for energy.

Eat fish for lean protein.

"Lean protein increases satiety and reduces cravings, encouraging portion control and preventing between-meal snacking,"

Cut carbohydrates.

Cutting carbohydrates is key to losing stubborn weight.

Less carbohydrate consumption helps with weight loss because the body uses stored fat for energy when carbs are scarce. 

Reduced carbohydrate intake decreases hunger and cravings, increasing fullness. 

Since carbohydrates breakdown faster than protein and lipids, they can trigger hunger, overeating, and weight gain."

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