12 College Degrees That Won't Land You a Job: Unveiling the Useless


Are you considering these degrees? Think again!

Underwater Basket Weaving

Learn about this quirky degree and its lack of job prospects.

Puppetry Arts

Uncover the strings attached to a career in puppetry.

Medieval Literature Studies

Delve into the past and explore why this degree might not lead to a modern career.

Philosophy of Star Wars

Is discussing Yoda a path to a paycheck? Probably not.

Ethical Hacking (with no real hacking skills)

Discover why a degree in ethical hacking without practical skills falls short.

Fine Arts (Sculpting Soap Operas)

Sculpting soap operas won't sculpt your financial future.

Astrology and Career Counselling

Can reading the stars guide you to employment? Let's find out.

The History of Underwater Dance

Dive into a unique degree that may leave you treading water.

Interpretive Dance of Literature

Is dancing through books a lucrative venture? Uncover the truth.

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