6 Best Nutrition Tips Ever

Hide Your Weakness

You'll consume what you see. You'll eat it—but less—if you don't see it.

The 1 in 10 Rule

Find at least one gram of fiber per 10 grams of carbs on the label. Why 10:1? Genuine, unprocessed whole grains have that carbohydrate-to-fiber ratio.

Chill Pasta to Melt Fat.

A portion of pasta in the fridge reduces weight gain.

Dim Lights for Lighter

Cutting 175 calories from dinner every night might save you 18 pounds a year!

Eat Fruit, Not Drink It.

One or more servings of fruit juice per day raised type 2 diabetes risk by 21%.

Eat Before You Eat.

Eating an appetizer like broth-based soup or an apple can cut meal calories by 20%.

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